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The Liberty enables the use of a user-friendly, personal aircraft for daily medium and long-distance commutes. Starting from home, users could drive to one of the world's 40,000+ airstrips, convert the vehicle in a matter of minutes, and fly to wherever they want to go.


Ready to fly ?

Flying the Liberty couldn’t be easier. As a Gyroplane the PAL-V enables you to fly safely and relaxed to your destination. Simply enjoy the view, it really is that easy.


Who we are

Aviterra, a Dubai-based company concluded a historic deal with PAL-V to bring the Liberty flying car to the Middle East and Africa. Aviterra is acquiring over 100 PAL-V Liberty flying cars, making an investment, and formalizing a partnership for the Middle East and Africa .

Aviterra, a leader in executive aviation, sees great potential in the PAL-V’s solutions for last-mile and regional air mobility. Mouhanad Wadaa, Managing Director of Aviterra, explains, “The PAL-V Liberty is the perfect tool for our customers’ short-haul commutes, offering a combination of flying and driving. It’s not just a vehicle; it’s truly an innovation for the history books, which will change transportation as we know it.” Wadaa emphasizes the enhanced travel options the Liberty provides, with customers having the flexibility to FlyDrive themselves or utilize Aviterra’s services.


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