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Aviterra Orders Over 100 Flying Cars

The PAL-V Liberty is making waves in the transportation industry. This innovative vehicle combines the functionality of a car and a gyroplane, offering drivers the ability to soar above traffic congestion. With a flight range of 500 kilometers and a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour, the Liberty promises to significantly reduce travel times for regional commutes and trips. Aviterra, a company specializing in executive aviation, sees the PAL-V as a perfect solution for their clients seeking enhanced travel flexibility.

Imagine a world where you can bypass rush hour gridlock by simply taking flight. The PAL-V Liberty, the world’s first true flying car, makes this a reality. This revolutionary vehicle seamlessly blends driving and flying capabilities, empowering you to conquer the roads or take to the skies with ease. Aviterra, a leader in luxury air travel, recognizes the Liberty’s potential to transform regional mobility. Whether you choose to pilot yourself (FlyDrive) or utilize Aviterra’s services, the Liberty promises an unparalleled travel experience with unmatched freedom and efficiency.

“While running a business aviation company, we’ve always kept a close eye on the emerging Advanced Air Mobility industry,” notes Wadaa, highlighting the unique opportunity PAL-V presents. “PAL-V’s long-standing presence and adherence to existing regulations allow our customers to safely FlyDrive using existing air and road infrastructure. Furthermore, PAL-V is the only player that combines flying and driving into one vehicle. No other player in the market offers this combination and can realistically deliver the vehicles in the near future.”

Loggia Investment, the investment arm of Aviterra, has made a strategic investment in PAL-V and established partnership for the Middle East and Africa region.

PAL-V’s CEO and Founder, Robert Dingemanse, welcomes the partnership, stating, “Aviterra and Mr. Wadaa have vast experience in aviation, understand our certification process, and have an excellent reputation in the business aviation industry. They are a strong partner to support our sales and marketing activities in the Middle East and Africa, which is headed by our VP Middle East, Khalil Malaeb.”

PAL-V is setting up regional offices around the world to grow its flying car business. These regional offices will be hubs for PAL-V’s sales, maintenance, flight training, and assembly locations.

Dingemanse teases forthcoming highlights, saying, “In the coming months, we have more updates on development and certifica

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